Upload Manual

First Intraction - Login?

1. Go to SS2DTR website

To upload your submission for the competition, click on the unique upload-bin-site link provided (usually found at https://rcss.io) located on the https://rcss.dev website.

2. Put in your team's Username and Password

You will receive an email regarding the confirmation of participating in each competition. Shortly After, you will receive an email containing your team's username, password, and a login link.

3. Click on SUBMIT

You should have received an email regrading the username and password. Wait for the site to load your team's account.

4. Click on Uploads

You can access the Information Board, News, YouTube, and other related items on the homepage. for your binaries you visit uploads page. 

Second Intraction - How to Upload?

5. Select your team's binary

Choose your binary and hit upload

6. Wait for the upload to be finished

File Upload Errors happen when something in your upload is wrong.

7. If status is saved your binary is ready to test.

After upload, your binary status will become 'saved,' showing that the server has received your binary entirely and is ready to test. You can have only one binary at 'saved,' status. Any other submission will make the current 'saved' binary to be ignored.

8. Your binary is now tested by the short run test.

When the server starts your binary test, your binary status changes to 'in_test,' showing that the server is testing your binary. The test is a short 300-cycle match between the test team and your binary.

After the test is finished, you can access the log, output, and binary to download them and also submit this binary as your round binary if there is no problem with it.

Download Binary

Download Log & Outputs

Submit Binary

Run the CheckUp test

9. Click on the Submit button

You can choose any tested binary with the Done status to be your binary for the upcoming round. You can check which binary is selected by the active column. The system will choose your very first binary as your first submission.

10. Click on the 'Run check test' icon

This will remove the previous logs and outputs and begin the long check test. The test will be 3000 cycles (at least 6 mins after your click)

Please Note That you can only submit your binary and do a long game test when the upload window is open.

11. Now your team is being test by the long checkup run

You can click on the Gear to request an update on the test.

12. You can download the new outputs and check the logs

When the gear is changed to a Tick your binary is ready and done.

Third Intraction - Errors?

Three Types of errors.

You may encounter three types of errors. The first type is the upload file error, the second is the binary structure error, and finally, standard errors like start file error, timeout error, and the similars. we cover the uplaod file error in the Second section.

Binary Structure Errors

These errors happen when your file is not following the RC22 Structure as mentioned in part one.

Examples of possible errors:

Standards Errors

These errors happen when your binary or the server encounters an error and has some running issues. You can check the logs and the output to find the problem. 

Examples of possible errors:

Binary Structure

teamname="agent2d" (your_team_name)

player="./sample_player" (your_player_file)

coach="./sample_coach" (your_coach_file)

config="player.conf" (your_player_config)

coach_config="coach.conf" (your_coach_config)

config_dir="formation-dt" (other_configs)

An example command to archive a team directory:

Team directory example


├── ※lib (library directory)

├── formations-dt

├── coach.conf

├── kill

├── player.conf

├── sample_coach

├── sample_player

├── start

└── start.sh